The Olga Forrai Foundation Criteria for

Grant Applications for Conductors

The Board of the Olga Forrai Foundation will consider a conductor who has been recommended by any member of the Artistic Advisory Committee and has demonstrated some significant experience and accomplishments at the professional level leading performances of full scaled operas with orchestra.  Please submit DVDs or Youtube links to filmed live performances as well as any media reviews or feature articles.  Along with these the Board requires three letters of recommendation from the following:

1.  A conductor at a high level of professional accomplishment in the field of opera who has worked with, or heard the applicant in performance of at least one full scaled opera performance with orchestra.

2.  Professional colleagues, including producers or singers with whom the potential grantee has worked in performance at the professional level.

Also when possible, the grantee, or advisory committee member, should arrange for the grant prospect to be heard in live performance by members of the Board of Directors before a vote on a grant is made.